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Where to Party in Berlin on CSD Pride 2023 – a guide

With conservative and right-wing politics rising all over Europe, this years CSD Pride in Berlin feels even more important. Playful Magazine's Editorial team lists the clubs to go to after the demonstration.

As the vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ community gears up to demonstrate on CSD Pride 2023 in Berlin, the city is also buzzing with excitement and anticipation for a series of sensational parties. Among the plethora of events lined up, here are our top destinations where you can revel in the spirit of Pride, dance till dawn, and embrace your authentic self.

1. Fourplay CSD Edition at Sage Beach

In celebration of their 7th anniversary, Fourplay invites you to break in the joy of community. As an iconic gathering, Fourplay transcends the boundaries of just a club event; it is a testament to the unity and acceptance within the LGBTQ+ community. The sun-kissed vibes at Sage Beach provide a unique experience that complements the wild nights at Kitkat Club, where the club usually host their events. Rejoice in the company of like-minded souls as you dance under the daylight, fostering connections that transcend the bounds of time and place.

2. Herrensaunda Pridefest

Situated in the historical grounds of the former Bärenquell brewery factory, Herrensaunda Pridefest beckons with its state-of-the-art sound systems and converted warehouse dancefloors. Dance to the beats and let yourself be carried away by the mesmerizing sound of Kirsch Audio's custom creation. Conveniently located near Schöneweide station, the journey to this queer sanctuary is short, making it an easily accessible haven for party-goers coming from various parts of Berlin.

3. Lunchbox Candy presents 'The Ket Gala'

Indulge your inner rebel and revel in the anarchy at Lunchbox Candy's 'The Ket Gala.' Embrace your unique self, celebrating the vibrant spectrum of queer identity. This playground for the weird and wonderful welcomes everyone ready to challenge norms and norms, flaunting individuality with a COCKtail in hand. Get ready for an unforgettable 20-hour celebration where you can lose yourself to find your true essence, surrounded by a fabulous array of hosts, DJs, and performers.

4. Ravemore CSD Special

Prepare to be swept away by the extravaganza that is Ravemore CSD Special. Join the parade truck in partnership with Mampe Berlin, and march to the beats that unite the community. The party concludes with a massive rave at Club Ost, where an enigmatic Ravemore All Star will grace the stage, promising an unforgettable night of electrifying energy and euphoria.

5. Golosa Bubbles CSD Rave

Following the exhilarating demonstration, Golosa Bubbles invites you to an unforgettable rave, where sparkling bubbles accentuate the celebration. As you dance through the night, three distinct floors will offer a variety of beats, vibes, and voices to captivate your soul. From House & Rave Unicorn to Comet Techno floor and the enchanting open-air Flamingo garden floor, the party promises to keep you dancing till the early hours of Sunday.

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