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This is the Overmorrow Peepshow at Wilde Renate

As close to a club night as we get in pandemic times.


The famous Wilde Renate is going to be hosting their first taste of their brand new collaborative concept named OVERMORROW.

Tonight (Friday 26/6) they will be launching an experiment in social distanced performances and are inviting limited guests to witness their OVERMORROW PEEPSHOW.

This will run alongside the main project within Renate. OVERMORROW is described as an "immersive theater experience" and tonight they will be debuting their first in a string of teaser events leading up to the main OVERMORROW project premier which will be kicking off in July.

The event is a collaboration of over 40 artists from a wide variety of art-collectives like Bad Bruises and Trash Era have come together to think together about what our world could look like in the near future.

The concept designer of The Peepshow, Billie Rae from Bad Bruises tells us:

"The Peepshow events will run throughout the summer in the Garden of Wilde Renate in Friedrichshain. It's all non profit where all the proceeds goes directly to the artists. Artists and performers will take stage to their voyeurs. What's in store is a surprise as we've a different line up each night throughout the summer from many scenes and styles and collectives. Including Bad Bruises / The House of Red Doors, Trash Era, House of Presents, Bedroom Burlesque, Berlins stripper collective, Actors from Four Chambers, Lustery and Erika Lust, Shimmy Shake and many many more..."

The Peepshow will be a place where the guests can witness some of the worlds elite in the bizarre, the beautiful, the erotic and exotic. From burlesque to fetish, from porn to poetry. exhibiting Berlins diverse and vibrant culture.

Since we're still not allowed to dance, and there are strictly limitations and its advisable to make reservations, even though a couple of spots will be saved for drop-ins.

To obtain a "peephole" and watch the shows, tokens can be purchased at spot. One token is 5 euros and each show costs one tone. Simple as that, and the organizers are aiming for one show every 20 minutes over the evening.

Lineup Friday 26/6

Lilly Mortis

Bishop Black

Fifi Fantome

Dunja Von K


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