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3 clubs you should not miss this weekend

The final weekend of February is here and Berlin is ready to say good bye to winter. This time it's getting hot at various locations around the city.

Discobedient Circumstance #11

Start the party already this Friday night by getting your ass over to ://about blank. This is the first time in 2020 and the club is presenting an impressive international lineup. Ana Helder B.Traits BLACK ANTHEM RESTORE Frau Braun Golden Medusa Hara Katsiki Natascha Kann

Griessmuehle im Exil - 4 Years Of Antidote

Since Griessmuehle closed you better head to Alte Münze instead, who's now subletting their venue to the homeless club. This Saturday it's time to celebrate the club Antidote, who's turning four years.

Ben Sims Partiboi69 Stephen Brown Adlas

And more...

Zuhause with Andhim, Format:B, Moonbootica, Niconé, Dapayk Solo (Live)

Wonderful Ritter Butzke is hosting a birthday surprise party this Saturday with a heavy lineup topped by Andhim and Format B (B-day). Prepare for techno, prepare for house and you're all set and ready to board.


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