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All you need to know about Berghain – and how to get in

Every week we receive emails and DMs with questions if we have any advice on how to get into Berghain. Therefore, we decided to write down everything we know once and for all, so that you can read here instead.

Berghain was founded in 2004 and is located behind Ostbahnhof, and a short walk from Warschauerstrasse S- and U-Bahn stations. The club got its name because it is located near the border between the districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. The club's origins go back to the club Ostgut, which was previously located in an old train track area in Friedrichshain. The club is a forerunner to Berghain and put the stamp on what Berghain has become today.

Today, the record company Ostgut handles the bookings for Berghain and Panorama bar - many DJs' dream gig.

How to get into Berghain

How do I get into Berghain? That is the question everyone is asking, who is going to visit the club for the first time. Berghain has a reputation for having a tough door policy and the truth is that there is a risk that you will be denied entry.

To increase your chances of being admitted to Berghain, be yourself, do not think too much about "what to look like" and do not stand in line as a larger group. Tourist and drunk groups of friends do not even have to think about standing in the queue.

Have an interest in techno music, or at least be curious about it. Otherwise you will not have a wonderful experience. Also, you might get the question from the bouncer: "Who are you here to see tonight?"

Read our long feature with Berghain's most famous bouncer - Sven Marquardt who tells about how he works and how he makes decisions about who should come in and not.

Sven Marquardt for Playful Magazine. Photo: Shanelle De Melo

10 tips: How to increase the chance of getting into Berghain

  1. Go alone.

  2. Do not get in line drunk. Berghain is not your local pub.

  3. Listen to what is playing during the evening / day and decide on an artist you want to experience. Here you can find the monthly Berghain program.

  4. Be open-minded.

  5. Take a no calmly and try again a few hours later.

  6. Dress up - or be yourself. Berghain is an underground club but an extraordinary outfit does not have to be wrong if that is you.

  7. If you drink, put the bottle away before you get close to the bouncers.

  8. Do not cut the line, even if many people do this.

  9. Skip white sneakers or casual canvas shoes.

  10. Go on Sunday morning when the line is usually smaller.

Can tourists get into Berghain?

Yes. Every weekend hundreds of tourists aims to get into Berghain. And many of them do. If you're a tourist that are into techno, then you should definitely give it a chance. Avoid coming to Berghain as a big group of tourists, then you will most probably get rejected.

What to wear in Berghain?

There is no strict dresscode, even though 90% of everyone inside is wearing black, leather, latex or not much at all. Avoid jeans and sneakers though.

If you're interested in wearing something more edgy and kinky, visit one of the club wear stores in Berlin. We recommend our friends at The Code and Schwarzer Reiter.


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