Being a hipster is a cliché – Günther Krabbenhöft is not

By: Filip Sandström Beijer

Photos: Henry Belasczesckul for Marta PR

The 75-year-old techno influencer is currently surviving on his memories from his wild pre-pandemic days. Now he can’t wait to resume ecstatic dancing with his fellow rave Berliners.

Gunther Krabbenhöft in Playful Magazine

Günther Krabbenhöft is probably Berlin's best dancing 75-year-old and one of the city's biggest joy-spreaders on social media.

And for me, coming from the countryside, life in Berlin was very exciting.

Moving from the countryside and a small village outside of Hannover to Berlin in 1968, Günther Krabbenhöft arrived in a city split by a wall.

“Berlin has always been changing. This city is never finished. When I came to Berlin in 1968, it was still a walled-in front city that was only accessible only by plane or in a complicated way via roads through the GDR. And for me, coming from the countryside, life in Berlin was very exciting.”

In Berlin there were restaurants, clubs and bars that caught Günther’s attention, but as a family father he lived what he describes as a relatively normal life, watching what happened in the leisure and party sector as the city developed. Today he’s personally connected to that scene, something that became an ingredient in his life quite late.

“When I first moved here, I was married and had a family, so I didn’t go to clubs

that much. That only happened much later, around 19… Oh my god, let me think… Maybe 12 years later, that’s when I started diving into the clubbing scene, which was a real


Gunther Krabbenhöft in Playful Magazine