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Stella Bossi was born after a wild club night

You've seen her on social media, dancing in the grocery store or on the street. Playful had a chat with the DJ and the internet personality in who has now started her own record company and has dreams of touring the world.

By Filip Sandström Beijer

Photos: Lamia Karic

Stella Bossi in Playful Magazine

Whether it's in a restaurant kitchen, at a train station or with her head down a freezer counter at the grocery store, Stella Bossi is there to gild the sometimes colorless everyday life with her dance steps and freaky Instagram posts.

Something happened in late 2018 and this year the number of followers is increasing faster than ever.

“When I started doing Instagram, I didn't have a plan. At the end of 2018 I posted a picture of myself and also started looking at other people's content. I noticed that I quickly get bored with most of the content and decided to do something creative. The dancing then came along after a wild club night.”

The clip from the wild night can be found on underneath and is recorded outside the club Kater Blau after closing. The clip was the starting shot for what would become a cavalcade of a dancing Stella Bossi in more or less public environments.

The public is not always prepared for her antics and sometimes it's gone wild.

“Of course, I got in trouble while shooting. Everything from being kicked out of the supermarket to getting surprised cops called after me, everything has happened”

Stella Bossi in Playful Magazine

With great attention, the pressure to deliver entertaining material on Instagram will not ease. The ideas usually come when she goes to bed in the evening but also when she least expects it.

“I get inspiration from very different situations, but most of the time when I'm relaxed. For example, when I go to bed. As soon as I lay down and my senses calm down, all kinds of things come to my mind. Whether it's a new video idea, cuts for one of my unreleased videos, or melodies. Then I have to get up and write them down. This process can take minutes or hours."

"Another example. This summer I swam across the Krumme Lanke lake and suddenly I got a rush of ideas in the middle of the lake. That drove me crazy, because I couldn't write anything down and then I sang the ideas repetitively to not forget them. It's hard for me to keep ideas and melodies in mind. Suddenly they come in my head and if I don't write them down, I'll forget about them“.

But Stella Bossi is much more than an Instagram personality and social media star. Born in Berlin and passionately in love with techno she’s also a DJ and recently a record label owner at The Beat Must Fuck.

“I always get a lot of music sent and have always held music competitions on my account, which worked very well. So, I decided to found a label for electronic music, where I let my users vote on which track gets a deal. Nobody has done that before and considering the number of tracks I get it will be a big deal.”

The mission is clear.

“To give small artists a chance and let the people hear music they really like.”

Stella Bossi in Playful Magazine

If it wasn’t for the pandemic we might not have been this lucky to get a day off with Stella Bossi. Her DJ carreer is in the making and the international bookings are around the corner.

“My biggest dream is that my job as a DJ brings me around the world so that I can celebrate with all cultures.”

And as it seems, Stella is good at partying. When we’re talking Berlin party memories there are many, but one is standing out.

“There are many wild, funny, beautiful, less beautiful and many more. But there was a situation that I always like to think about and in which I had to laugh so hard (certainly also because of my condition) that I sat in the corner for about one hour straight just laughing.”

Stella is telling us about the special moment at the Chalet Club.

“A bald guy walked through the club relatively intoxicated, which is nothing unusual. But the funny thing was that he had an old joint stuck on his bald wet head. Not behind his ear. It was literally stuck in the middle of his bald head. An old burnt joint that looked like it had been lit five times. I was wondering how it got there. Does he light it up and when he no longer likes to smoke, does he simply stick it back on his bald head? No idea. I was quite amused by that”

“In any case, the guy with the joint on his bald head ran into one of his buddies. At first, they had a short chat and then suddenly his buddy pulled the sticky joint off his bald head without finding it strange in any way, lit it and smoked it. The two looked at each other wordlessly and smoked the joint as if it were the most normal thing in the world. This situation was bizarre and so funny and, in that moment, it was just awesome. But as I said, there are so many good memories.”

And even if the world is in front of Stella’s feet, the Berliner’s got no plans to leave her hometown at the moment.

“The best thing about Berlin is the freedom that you can't find anywhere else in Germany and hardly in any other places around the world.”


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