Berlin showed Spyros a different way of life

By: Amanda Sandström Beijer

Photos: Spyros Rennt

The Greek photographer Spyros Rennt captures sensuality, love, friendship and community.

His works are vulnerable and proud, filtered and unfiltered, fun and decadent, sensual and rough. It’s life as he experiences it and when getting lost in his book ’Lust Surrender’, you realize it's also part of you - which may be one of the best part of art.

You mentioned that Instagram isn’t representative of your work. What’s your view on Instagram?

The online garden of good and evil. On one hand, I am grateful because it gave me the chance to communicate my work all over the world, opened doors and connected me to an amazing community of creatives. On the other hand, it triggers my anxiety on a daily basis, leads to unhealthy comparisons while its censorship tightens up as time passes.

Your book ’Lust Surrender’ starts with a poetic foreword by Selin Davasse, who also writes: ”What we celebrate at parties is the explosion of limits”, what’s your perfect party in Berlin described like?

A party where I’m gonna hang out with some of my favorite friends, make some new ones, make out with cute people and listen to great music. Thankfully I’ve had a lot of these in all my years here!

’Lust Surrender’ feels like a rock star’s unfiltered diary, although they are not put together through the terms of a set timeline. It’s dirty but welcoming I would say, what’s your view on inviting people to your world?

I have gotten used to making work that mostly centers around my personal experiences, sometimes giving away intimate moments, it’s some kind of therapy for me. I have to say however that there is a filter to what I shoot and what I end up sharing with the world; there is always a sense of curation in my head, especially when I make a publication. Whenever I share something very personal, there is a certain statement that I want to make. The most personal photo in Lust Surrender is the one with the book’s name: it’s actually an image of me giving a guy head (you probably don’t recognize that if you don’t know what I look like). It’s a very explicit/personal moment but I figured, if I’m shooting all these people in vulnerable situations, it’s only fair if I share myself in a similar state as well.