Getting to know Kokeshi – The first human based sex doll

By: Mary Hatch Bailey

Photos: Philipp Fussenegger

Her name is Kokeshi. She’s a silicone sex doll at a doll brothel that recently opened here in Berlin. Well, actually she's the very first interactive human based pleasure doll in the world. Today the brothel has geared up with more dolls to add to the entourage.

Kokeshi – the first human based sex doll brothel

There is the sultry male doll Guy Rider, or according to Kokeshi herself, a bisexual half-God and half-man. And there's the girl next door, Paris, who Kokeshi explains as heteronormative and Pornhub-esque, but with a couple of secrets of her own.

Meeting with a sex doll is not something I expected from life a year ago. Although, neither did I expect many things the past year has brought. My only previous reference for the sex dolI experience was the VICE documentary where journalist Karley Sciortino has sex with a male doll and says that she doesn’t feel any difference at all compared to a human dick.

My expectations for my meeting with Kokeshi were kept wide open. I tell her during the online booking process that I will let her seduce me and keep all possibilities on the table. I don’t want to close any doors but am not sure if I’m ready to have sex with a doll that can actually see and speak with me. Although she's much like an advanced sex toy to stave off any feelings of guilt, I guess a part of me feels embarrassed that the woman behind Kokeshi's eyes might laugh about what I desire or the way I want to please myself with her. Basically, I'm nervous about being judged by a doll since I won't be able to read the actual woman's body language and see if she rolls her eyes, smirks or is just generally weirded out by me.

She then asks if I would like menthol cigarettes, champagne, porn or sex toys prepared for my arrival

The booking process begins with an online programmed chat bot where the simulation of Kokeshi tells me she can't wait to meet me and asks if I have any fetishes I would like to share. She then asks if I would like menthol cigarettes, champagne, porn or sex toys prepared for my arrival. I tell her I want it all and ask her to surprise me. I want the whole Kokeshi experience and hope to be amazed.

Even if having sex with a doll shouldn’t be any scarier than an advanced sex toy, or even an actual human, it must be different. My main question is about the way we can have sex, since I have a vagina and she’s a female doll. Should I sit on her face? The thing about sitting on her head, something that I normally like to do when enjoying pleasure with human beings, I question if she will then be able to look straight into my vagina with her camera eyes. I know they’re not going to record anything, but being turned on, riding a camera may not be hot to the person on the other side of the camera eyes, who’s seeing through the humped head and is somehow ’forced’ to interact with it..? Or is she?

I will be doing this together with the person behind the doll, she’ll be seducing me without being physic