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Berlin – the capital of loneliness?

You may have heard that Berlin is called the ‘capital of loneliness’. If you have ever felt lonely, you’re probably not surprised to learn that loneliness has a big impact on our health. We have

some great tips on where to live and what to do to avoid loneliness in Berlin.

This is an advertorial article in collaboration with LifeX.

Everything from our lifestyle choices to the people we spend our time with has an effect on our physical and mental health. When we talk about health, most conversations naturally revolve around diet and exercise - we often overlook other important factors, such as loneliness. Our sense of belonging has a huge impact on health, though it might seem less obvious than what we eat or how often we hit the gym. It’s natural to feel lonely when you’re living in a new city - luckily, we have some tips for you that will help you connect with like-minded individuals and solve your housing needs. Join a Club If you’re feeling a bit lonely it’s the perfect time to start a new hobby or get back into an old one! Joining a club is an excellent way to meet like-minded people who enjoy similar activities. A running club is a good example, most cities have running clubs available at all levels. It’s a great way to work on your fitness and meet new people - plus it never hurts to get outdoors and get your endorphins pumping! If you’re not into sports, try something like a meetup group, or sign up for a class (language, art, music etc.) If you’re part of a community, like LifeX, attend an event or kickstart one of your own. These are excellent ways to meet others and learn something new! Log Off (Take a Tech Break) Stop the endless scrolling! Practice good technology habits by limiting your amount of screen time. If you don’t have the willpower, delete your most addictive apps or get an app that limits screen time. Spending too much time with your head buried in your screen disengages you from the world around you, especially if you’re browsing social media. It’s easy to compare and feel negatively about your own life, remember that social media is a highlight reel and no one is sharing their ‘real’ day-to-day struggles. Invest your time in chatting with your flat-mates

and neighbors - you’ll be surprised what you missed while you were scrolling!

Volunteer Help others in any way you can, whether it’s committing to an organization/cause or simply making yourself available to those who need it. No matter what your skill set is you can make a difference by giving your time and energy. Not only will you improve someone else’s life, you will be exposed to many new people this way! It’s a win-win situation and should also serve as a mood booster if you’re feeling low. Think about your skills and how you could impact your community, contact your local volunteer organizations and find opportunities to get involved! Try Co-Living! Co-living is a modern type of shared living for those who want to experience social and hassle-free living. It’s not just for those who are new to a city, many people live in co-living homes to achieve a better balance between their busy professional and social lives. A balanced lifestyle is easier to maintain with co-living as you’re not sacrificing your free time on household upkeep. Co-living with LifeX helps you feel at home and provides the foundation for you to thrive in Berlin. Their Scandinavian designed apartments in the city center will be a calm oasis in your busy life. Share a flat with people who are just as excited as you are to explore the city and submerge themselves into the Berlin lifestyle. If you’re currently on the market for a new place and interested in co-living, you’re in luck as they are offering the first month’s rent free* Whether introverted or extroverted, scientific studies report better mental and physical health from social interaction - companionship may be the key to making your life in Berlin everything you dreamed of and more. Moving into your own room in a beautifully furnished co-living apartment is a great place to start. Especially since you will be sharing a home with people just like you - but from all over the world!

If you’re moving to Berlin, it doesn’t have to be lonely or stressful, just pack your bags and let LifeX take care of the rest. Instead of spending your first months organizing to get settled, you can spend your time doing what you love. Whether it’s focusing on work and creative projects, learning German, or just winding down at home with your flat-mates. Co-living with LifeX, and following our tips, will be sure to keep feelings of loneliness away!

*The first month's rent is free for new members joining in Berlin with a 6-month minimum stay. Valid until November 1st 2020.


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