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Clubbers: Diego/Projekt Gestalten

Part of the Pornceptual crew and often seen in a beautiful wedding dress on the Berghain dance floor, Diego or Projekt Gestalten is next in Playful's series with the famous faces of the Berlin ravers.

Tell us how you started wearing a wedding dress as your signature outfit when clubbing?

It just came to me. People wear too much black in clubs (including myself) and I got fed up with it.

What does the wedding dress represent to you?

It represents the combination of both my masculine and feminine sides into one single thing. Not crossdressing as a woman but borrowing parts of all genders to make me whole. Therefore, applying the Gestalt psychology alluded to in my artist alias (Projekt Gestalten). The Gestalt Psychology states that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; that means, in order for you to understand something, you need to look at the whole picture as opposed to analyzing specific parts separately. Sometimes, I get people asking me in a derisive manner: "are you a man or a woman?" and I only reply: "I am everything..."

What’s the best part about living in Berlin, would you say?

Berlin can be very unforgiven but it still is one of my favorite places. The best part is the people coming from all parts of the world making the city colorful and vibrant. Without them, this city could not stand as it is.

You’ve made a lot of connections at clubs, why are the connections you make at clubs different?

I don't know if they are different from connections I make elsewhere. The only difference is that, sometimes, I have very deep conversations with people I will never see in my life again. But that doesn't mean these moments are any less important for me. It’s funny when I stumble with people in another continent and realize I've met that person on the dance floor years ago; on the other side of the world and now we are together again in a whole different context.

What do you hope will change for the better once the clubs open up again?

No racism and xenophobia anymore.

Where are you from?


How many years have you lived in Berlin?

Eight long years.

What’s your signature look?

I think that goes without saying.

What’s your fuel?

People's energy.

Favorite DJ?


Favorite hour and day of the week at the club?

Sunday afternoon.

Where to find you in the club?

Everywhere and nowhere!


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