Dr Rubinstein is not sitting around waiting for better times

By: Filip Sandstrom Beijer

Photos: Lukas Viar


Playful had some cocktails with the techno doctor of Berlin.

Marina Rubinstein, better known as Dr. Rubinstein slides into the bar where we decided to meet, in the middle of Volkpark Friedrichshain on her baby blue bike.

“They don't have mate, but they have paper straws ..., she notes a bit ironically and decides instead to let an Aperol Spritz accompany the interview.

Having followed her through social media during the spring and summer, it feels like we've already met. Her personality shines through–to say the least–on YouTube, where she and one of her best friends, Lukas, have started streaming live during the Corona quarantine. It is both honest and spontaneous and Marina feels like self-assurance personified. Therefore, it surprises me a little when she produces a printed paper with notes, which she prepared for our meeting.

“I always want to prepare as best I can. That's how I am,” she says, laughing.

I was born in Russia and I speak Russian. I love it.

We’re starting to talk about how everything started, and how Russia-born Marina Rubinstein ended up in Berlin and became a hyped DJ with constant bookings at Berghain.

”I was born in Russia and I speak Russian. I love it. Most people don’t know, so when some fansare talking to me in Russian, I’m getting super happy. I’m like ‘Oh my god, that’s kinda cute’,like, they really know me.”

In school she was bullied for not being like everyone else, and also for having a Jewish last name. Yes, her real name is Rubinstein and as a teenager she moved to Israel and Tel Aviv. In previous interviews, she’s been described as a "True Raver" in the Israeli party city, something she wants to take the opportunity to bury. But just because it sounds a bit silly, not that it isn’t true.

“That ‘True Raver’ will hunt me forever, I said it years ago and since then it follows me everywhere. It sounds so silly, but yeah, I love to party always."