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Food Experience: Ixthys

Authentic Korean food in Berlin.

By: Emma Maar

“Are you in love with her?....”

“...I think so...yes”

I have never been taken out by a man whose heart was within someone else’s lips,

but Korean food is extremely hard to resist.

Ixthys is one of those restaurants which leave a special mark on your tongue and


When entering the small and intimate restaurant, you notice that bible texts fill

the walls and in the back lays an open kitchen, bursting with smells and steamy

hot pots and pans.

A simple routine of walking up to the kitchen, ordering and paying, you then sit

down to await your spicy plate of pleasure. It’s simplicity, deliciousness and

affordability, make it a place worth returning to.

Every time I visit Ixthys I devour the same dish, Sautéed veggies with fried tofu

and rice.

Ixthys, lays across a church in Schöneberg. At times the endlessness of the

church bells cause my mind to drift away, I take a bite, and I am seasoned with


When you arrive, make sure to notice.... and make sure the person you are with

orders the Bibimbap.


Pallasstraße 22, Schöneberg


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