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Food: House of Small Wonder

We went out to try the Berlin famous brunch spot.

Are you looking for lunch and brunch In Berlin? There is at least a lot to choose from. We headed down to the hyped House of Small Wonder in Mitte, on Johannisstrasse 20, a street behind Friedrich Palatz and Berlin's most exclusive inner-city addresses.

The Japan inspired restaurant dates from the 21st century hipster mecca - Williamsburg, New York and opened up in The Big Apple as early as 2010. After gaining a good reputation among the city's most trendy population, the owners decided to expand and take aim at Berlin in 2014. Success is a factor here as well, which is evident when we visit on a Sunday, in the middle of the rush hour. However, we do not have to wait more than five minutes to get a table for two. The staff runs at rocket speed and are quick to serve new guests.

The atmosphere of the guests of House of Small Wonder is relaxed, a little Sunday sleepy and moderate trendy. Here you can bring your mother-in-law when she is visiting or join your hangover friends right after a night out. Both works.

The restaurant has specialized and made itself known for its brunch which is available in two different varieties. Both include four dishes and a hot drink. If orange juice is enough, you can cough up 22 euros, but if you want to continue the party you can order the same menu with "Bottomless Cocktails" for ten euros more.

Since we are neither hung over nor crazy hungry, we choose to look at the lunch menu and order the Japanese brunch dish Soboro Don and a vegan zucchini and noodle salad. Both choices are excellent in taste and feel fresh while saturating. An excellent alternative to a belly filling of a classic "English Breakfast".

The environment at House of Small Wonder is cozy, warm and welcoming and we decide to come back on a more exhausted day to get refilled with mimosas and the full brunch menu. We also got a tour of the basement which serves Japanese fine dining in the evenings. A visit that got us transported to what felt like Tokyo's trendiest restaurant. But we will get back to that another time.

Edit: This review was made before the pandemic.


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