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Nightclub fashion with @nachtclubsberlin

Warning, these photos can trigger club abstinence.

Sabrina Jeblaoui is the person behind the Insta-Famous and Berlin based account @Nachtclubsberlin.

Sabrina, tell us about who you are and how it all started with @nachtclubsberlin?

I felt really free from the social constraints when I moved to Berlin, I used to live in Paris so you can imagine. I also did party a lot during the first year, though I didn’t take a lot of photos and might have felt a bit lost. I got the idea and thought it would be interesting to take pictures of party people like myself. As I started a relationship with my current boyfriend, I calmed down with partying and decided to give the project a try. One day, I took my analogue camera and decided to go check out the Berghain queue with a friend. Yes just the queue. I was so excited and afraid at the same time that people would reject me when I asked to take their photos.

But I forced myself, and I really enjoyed these first shots. People were interested in my project but of course not everybody wanted to be photographed, which is totally understandable. When I saw my first pictures developed I was so happy that I decided to create the Instagram account NachtClubsBerlin. I just wanted people to find the account. And they did.

What inspired you?

Streets, other photographers, people I met. Everything can inspire me especially in Berlin. With Photography, I am in the present moment, and that moment inspires me a lot. Also, I am a big fan of the American photographer Nan Goldin. Her work is really deep and documents the LGBT Community and the heroin addicted subculture. She also documents herself through her intimate autoportraits. But I am also inspired by women like Oprah Winfrey and Marina Abramovic.

How do people react when you want to photograph them outside the clubs, since there are ’no photo rules’ inside?

In the beginning, I had to put a lot of efforts and energy into explaining my project and convince them to be part of it. I always try to be myself and to come very close to people without any barriers. Now it’s easier because some people already know of the project. But in general, people are freer when they are out from a party. Some are shy and some are comfortable. It really depends.

What do you think inspires the Berlin fashion?

Berlin is known to be the underground city par excellence where people are free to wear what the heck they want. I love how Berlin Fashion can change from an area to another. Punk and techno culture from the 90’s and the historical moment of the fall of the Berlin Wall led to what people today call « Berlin Fashion ».

What is the most common outfit people have when they party in Berlin?

Black outfit, leather, waist bag and sneakers. Definitely.

What is the most spectacular outfit you've photographed?

Outfit of Lucio Vidal when he came out from Berghain, long white fur with huge disco heels. I really love when people dress up and are being creative. I was also amazed by the guy in front of Berghain with the monster.


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