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Playful Magazine took a dip in the sea of natural wine in Berlin . And we liked it.


Motif Wein with their very own record shop invites you to (live) music, food and a selection of natural wine. Here you can get a low or high energetic experience, depending on occasion. But Motif Wein is always a warm ambience.

Adress: Weserstraße 189, Neukölln.


Lively and relaxed Jaja is a natural wine bar and restaurant located in a popular side street off Sonnenallee. They serve European wine and are mainly focused on French and German ones.

Adress: Weichselstraße 7, Neukölln.


Nordic natural wine bistro, Palsta, is run by three Scandinavian foodies. Here you will find Scandinavian inspired food and good wine. You can even bring a bottle back home.

Adress: Oderstraße 52, Neukölln.


Sharing is caring (So sorry I just wrote that) but Barra is not as predictable as I am, at least not when it comes to wine and food. Their sommelier will give you the best natural wine while you sit in the bar and glance into the place where all the magic happens (sorry again).

Adress: Okerstraße 2, Neukölln.

St. Bart

Share some bottles of natural wine with gastro-food at gastropub St. Bart. Or come here for a Sunday brunch and you will be equally pleased with their way of combining food and wine before noon.

Adress: Graefestraße 71, Kreuzberg.


Wagner loves Playful(ness), and we love Wagner, and so on. But beyond that, they like simplicity even though their sommelier fills your glass with stuff that tastes nothing like regular wine.

Adress: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 22, Kreuzberg.


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