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Playful Podcast – a podcast about techno and sex positivity from Berlin

Playful Magazine launches Playful Podcast where techno artists and people within the underground scene will be interviewed every Tuesday. The podcast is available on Spotify, Youtube and all podcast platforms.

In August 2022, Playful Magazine took a new step towards a more digital approach and launched Playful Podcast – video and audio podcast focusing available on Youtube, Spotify and all podcast platforms.

A new episode is released every Tuesday and during the first 6 months the podcast has grown to become one of the major players when it comes to techno podcasts and sex positive podcasts.

Today the podcast has around 50.000 unique viewers/listeners every month with guests like DJ Rebekah, Funk Assault, DJ Gigola, Brutalismus 3000 and many more of the up and coming and well established Techno artists on the scene. Playful Podcast is hosted by Amanda Sandström Beijer, Co-Founder of the platform.

Every second episode is focusing on sex positivity and two of the most popular episodes so far are touching the subjects of BDSM, latex and being a Mistress.

Subscribe to Playful Podcast on Youtube to never miss out on an episode or follow Playful Podcast on Spotify here.


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