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Krousky - A ’fuck up’ or a genius clown

By: Amanda Sandström Beijer

Photos: Krousky

We meet at a Biergarten close to Mauerpark. Krousky is a person that you’ll notice as much in real life as on social media. In his forehead he has a tattoo that says “Nothing to prove”, and as we speak the meaning of those words gets increasingly clearer.

We get to find out more about the pleasure he gets from hanging from hooks entrenched in his skin, as well as his second persona ‘The Clown’. Yes, it’s much to take in when meeting with a person who’s mind never gets quiet.

”We all have a past, and my work reflects that. Depression, violence and abuse are things that I lift from a perspective that can’t be ’made up’. My personality and my mindset is rooted in my past, including many things that I didn’t chose myself.”

He describes the mindset he’s referring to, as ’fucked up’, but the person he describes is one who always felt different and outside.

”People like me don’t come from a peaceful life. I never felt that I had the same