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Pictures: Hahayoureugly opening party at Warschauer Strasse

Saturday July 11th, our friends at Hahayoureugly hosted their launch party at their brand new location on Warschauer Str. We've got the pictures!

In true Not Just Another Vintage Store style - The event started with everyone street side watching drag queens Fantasy Cum True and Cupcake (who is current Miss Kotti) performing with Valentin.  Valentin went on to do a live performance and had the whole crowd smiling and dancing.  The police came storming in and in the end were super good about the whole situation, instead of shutting it down directed everyone to spread 1.5 metres apart in true corona form.

After the performances the doors were open and everyone was invited to share a celebratory drink and shake off their hips with us inside the store. DJ Nofcex closed the party with some groovy tunes.

Since Playful loves their store and their fashion, we're glad to present the pictures from the event.

All photos by: Rachel Colless


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