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Premiere: Naty Seres – Broken

Naty Seres Berghain Resident
Photo: Rachel Israela

Playful got the honor to premiere the premiere track "Broken" of Naty Seres debut EP "If There Is One" – which also turned out to be the artists favorite track.

Hi Naty! It's your debut EP, can you tell us about the process and what "If There Is One" means to you?

I wrote this EP during the lockdown when all I did was spend time in the studio, slicing drum breaks, experimenting with harmonies and manipulating and obscuring samples.

This release is very personal and dear to me as it was a venture into other fields than pure club music. I have been DJ'ing since such a long time that all I always wanted to produce were tracks which I could play in my Sets. Comparing my own production to the producers I play in my sets made me struggle and often didn't allow me to enjoy the time in the studio. The pandemic gave me space to break free from thinking to much about what it should sound like, or being influenced by music I’d usually hear on the weekend in clubs. It made me connect to my roots where I started off with electronic music as a teenager frequenting drum and bass parties and to music that I was listening for pleasure.

Tell us about the opening track "Broken”.

"The opening track Broken was my first attempt to work with vocals, and turned out to be my favorite track of the EP. I wanted the vocals to be the main element in the track but didn’t want to place them in the classic way. Instead, I arranged them rhythmically only playing from time to time, repeating some of the words, adding other phrase variations over time. I sliced sentences and picked words that would play nicely with each other, experimented with transposing, time stretching and reversing the vocals to make them sound the way they do now. I wanted the dreamy synth sound to be floating in the background without being too present in the mix. My idea was to have the drum break and the child-like vocals to be the main elements of the song while the rest of the synth sounds sit in the back. I called it "Broken“ because of how it sounded during the process of arranging the vocals... like a broken record, stuttering and dry, not sounding harmonic at all. It was late at night and I just wanted to save the project so I could go to bed. So I randomly named it "Broken". Later, when I put the EP together, I decided to keep the name as it reminds me of the moment in time I wrote this track.

The entire EP will be released on June 2, 2022 and you can pre save it here.


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