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RUIZ OSC1 is here with an EP connected with her roots

Photo by: Analia Piacentini

RUIZ OSC1. Photo by: Analia Piacentini

We had a chat with RUIZ OSC1 about her new EP on Héctor Oaks label KAOS. And this one she describes as a small revolution.

What has the work process looked like?

The journey of Grooveroots began last year when I embarked on a tour in South America, specifically in Colombia. During this tour, I also took the opportunity to visit my relatives in Colombia. Whenever we spend time together, music and dance are always involved—music that we've been listening to for as long as I can remember.

I thought it was possible to merge two genres that genuinely excite me. I already had the electronic foundations for each track, and in three of them, I added vocals from songs that have the ability to tell the story of Colombia—tales of love and celebrations with melodies that resonate like symphony orchestras.

"Hector was captivated by this puzzle, and we thought it would be a great idea to release an album with these characteristics. It took a year to properly blend all the elements and create this blend of Latin techno with a touch of 90s nostalgia."

What story do you want to convey through the tracks on the EP?

"For me, it was challenging as a Colombian citizen on some occasions. For example, due to a problem we are all aware of—the drug trafficking issues in the 80s—I am not allowed to travel to certain places around the world. I want people to hear "I'm Colombian" and not immediately associate my country with negative things. Instead, I want them to think about the beautiful music that comes from Colombia or all the other positive aspects of our country. I want to share that with you."

Where can we see more of you this fall?

"You can catch more of my work on the production side, as I have many new tunes coming out. Of course, you can also find me on the dance floor, spinning my beloved records in Europe, South America, and around the world. Oh, and please don't miss the KAOS showcases; they promise to be explosive!"


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