Héctor Oaks: "Techno is the real punk"

By: Filip Sandström Beijer

Photos by: Shanélle De Melo

Hector Oaks playing vinyls for Playful Magazine Berlin

The Madrid born DJ talks about his childhood, his love for Berghain and his special connection to his father. He’s also giving a shoutout to Tbilisi, Georgia, which has become one of his favorite places to play.

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Reading about Héctor Oaks online, you’ll mostly find interviews on the topic of his DJ career and music. We want to know more about the Spanish guy with the mullet and the massive collection of Fred Perry shirts, and what he’s doing when he’s not on stage.

“I’m a quite normal guy. I like vintage”, Héctor says and laughs as he’s pouring up a glass of red wine, which he prefers over a beer.

He grew up in Madrid and describes himself in school as a little boy who never really found his context. He was neither bullied nor popular and knew both everyone and no one.

"I was good at getting people to gather, but I never felt completely included myself," he says when we meet in his apartment in Berlin.

He’s got a special and complex connection with his father. It was him who introduced Héctor to the music by constantly playing Pink Floyd and Supertramp mixed with other 80's music in the car radio.

"I really enjoyed it and I especially liked the songs with high energy"

His relationship with his father was in many ways built around the music, since he otherwise was hard to connect with.

“I would say that we only connected through the music”

Hector Oaks playing vinyls for Playful Magazine Berlin