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Sensuality, self-expression and freedom when Dark Devil Disco takes over Warsaw

By: Filip Sandström Beijer

Photos: Dark Devil Disco

Dark Devil Disco are hosting artists from Berlin, London, Warsaw in an underground warehouse rave in an old military building.

By channeling sensuality, self-expression and freedom in the depths of Warsaw, Dark Devil Disco allows the ravers to immerse themselves in ruthless, emotional sounds with bass that cuts right down to the bones to feel their inner disco devil just waiting to break free. The invited artists drive the unique and uncompromising sound of the hard techno world. The vision of the party is to platform the finest underground artists from around the globe while nurturing the local techno scene in Warsaw.

Playful had a chat with the organiser prior the event on November 26.

What can be expected? As we fuel the hedonistic ritual of freedom by championing sounds from the tougher side of techno, our artists aligned with the industrial aesthetic of Dark Devil Disco create an outstanding atmosphere with space for punters to feel free, safe and united as a community. Be ready for a long night of high-tempo, hard-hitting kicks and relentless waves that trigger collective euphoria. The one hundred years old military building with a raw and steel construction only turns the feelings.

What is your inspiration when creating a club atmosphere? Our biggest inspirations are the artists themselves with their sound and character. They create an anticipation of what is coming. That expectation attracts people who know exactly what they want and what they come for - for the strong musical and emotional experience which allows them to be in the state of rave. And therefore the people inside the venue create the atmosphere like nothing else. In some way, we are inspired by every place we go, but the places with raw architecture and the history behind it make the biggest impression. We love big spaces where sound can travel and well as the people in their minds. At the end there are lights that extend the experience to another dimension and marge it together. We like a more minimalistic but outstanding approach that stands as an addition to the music, not the main thing.

The lineup Soundwise, the vibe of Dark Devil Disco isn't for the faint-hearted. A wild experience across all fronts, the party celebrates names shaping today's contemporary techno scene.

Artists including Gegen resident L Ʌ V Σ N, Brvtalist Sound Recordings artist MOIA, Sacred Court signee HATELOVE, Jaded London resident Lorenzo Papini, and MASS label co-founder Ømen feature on the lineup. Sinther completes the bill.


Gdynia-bord artist L Ʌ V Σ N is killing it at the moment, playing across London and Berlin and sharing mixes for Ismus and ORAMICS and many more besides. As a producer, her sound spans trance, techno and acid, evoking visceral soundscapes that haunt the dancefloor. She's also released stomping tracks on French label Carcères Records, receiving plays from Tommy Four Seven and Paula Temple. As a resident DJ of GEGEN and WIR, L Ʌ V Σ N has honed her skills on the headiest of dancefloors in Berlin, establishing herself as a multi-disciplined artist.


MOIA is a Polish producer and DJ based in Berlin. Her sound is fast, fierce and relentless, touching on emotional and high-energy techno that packs a punch. After landing a residency with Berlin-based collective SYNOID earlier this year, MOIA has DJ'd in several sweatboxes in Berlin and toured Colombia and Asia, including a pit stop at the legendary club FAUST, Seoul. Fresh off the back of her debut EP 'The Spirit' on Brvtalist Sound Recordings, MOIA is flexing her aesthetic of propulsive techno to the masses. She's also contributed to Various Artist compilations on labels DuskRecords and KREATU.


Having recently released on SNTS' label Sacred Court, HATELOVE is coming into his own as an outstanding producer. With support coming in thick and fast from Paula Temple, Klangkuenstler and Dax J, the Warsaw-based talent is one to watch. Weaving techno with flavours of post-metal, HATELOVE's signature sound is truly unrivaled, earning him a legion of fans worldwide.

Lorenzo Papini

Italian-born, London-based artist Lorenzo Papini is well-known on the UK scene, but he has yet to play in Warsaw — until now. As a resident DJ of Sunday morning parties Jaded and Stoberload in London releases his tracks in Rave Alert or Scuderia, Lorenzo's sound is a potent blend of acid, acidcore, gabber and hardcore. Lorenzo also produces blistering techno that holds no prisoners; check out his track 'Driving Fast On LSD' for insight into his world.


London-based, French-Italian artist and promoter Ømen joins the lineup. As co-founder and resident DJ of the London-based party and record label MASS, Ømen is a bonafide tastemaker. He delves into the darker tones of techno, combining aggressive moods with emotive melodies, releasing on labels like COUP, Expel Your Demons, Pure Hate 000 and many more.

SINTHER completes the bill. A producer, DJ and promoter in his own right, the Warsaw-born artist dips into hard-punching and crunchy techno, pulling his dancefloor down a rabbit hole of tripped-out riffs and speaker-busting rhythms. Much like the artist himself, Sinther’s sound is uncompromising and reflects the vision of Dark Devil Disco to a tee.

The Warsaw techno scene

The local scene is constantly progressing over the years. With three major clubs, some great festivals like Undercity or Instytut Festival and more and more underground parties local fans and visitors have plenty of options every week. There are also many collectives that are coming to Warsaw to play here for the fans. We see a trend that some people start to look for a more unique experience than a normal club as it becomes too mainstream in their eyes. However when the stars are coming, every true raver is ready for the show.


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