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Slim Soledad: "I've always been welcome on the scene here"

By Amanda Sandström Beijer

Photos by: Zeina Idris

Slim Soledad
Slim Soledad

This party girl is the perfect combination of beautiful and fierce performance together with energetic demonic rave energy. We’re not alone being obsessed with her; and as her name starts to blink faster and stronger on stages around the world – we got to know her.

Slim Soledad came to Berlin from Sao Paulo three years ago for the CTM festival, something that unexpectedly made her decide to stay.

“It was in 2019 and I came to the festival together with Linn da Quebrada. I was performing and ended up having the idea of doing a tour together with my queer collective Chernobyl. I got all kinds of ideas about performance and music related stuff we could create.”

“I didn't intend to come and stay here, but the city ended up captivating me somehow, especially

because I was already working with music, and I sensed the city had a strong and accepting community.”

As a kid she was rebellious and fearless. She didn’t slow down and it was obvious to her mom that she was more drawn to having fun, than resting at home.

“I remember from the age of 13 until I was 17, my mother used to tell me that I spent more time in outside than at home. At that age I started to discover parties and the fun side of Sao Paulo. I was young, yet had so many adventures with my friends that if I told you what we did, you won't believe me.”

The fun didn’t stop when she came here. Although Slim Soledad has traveled around Brazil and moved around within the country, the trip to Berlin was her first international travel.

“As it was my first international travel, it really marked me. I left my home country and arrived to a place that was very different; with a totally different culture and climate.”

“But what I remember was one of the strongest sense, energetically as well, as the history in this city. I remember going to the concentration camp on the third day here. It was winter and even

snowing a little. The whole experience shocked me. It’s a big difference from hearing and reading about it in history books, to seeing it in person and feeling the energy of the actual place.”

Slim Soledad

As she stayed, she started getting to know the nightlife scene on a deeper level, something that also gave her creative input.

“Having the opportunity to go to clubs and concerts – all the time – certainly activates my creativity. Not in a generalized way, but through my personal experience throughout my life. I know that my creativity can be awakened by traveling as it gives me a lot of gas to start producing.”

“One of the most genuine and beautiful feelings that drives my creativity is seeing myself through other people's work, I mean as a spectator. One of my newest memories when doing that happened around two months ago; although I’m not sure if it was a moment of creative awakening or just serious inspiration. But I watched a performance that touched my weaknesses as well as strengths. I strongly believe that creativity can come fromdifferent places, paths and experiences yet still touch on your ground. It happens to me a lot.”

Slim Soledad says that her creativity can be awakened in various ways that often give her energy and push her to create.

“Receiving new input by traveling is something that definitely gives me a lot of gasto produce. It often happens at unusual occasions, when I’m not expecting it. It’s like I receive a ‘click’ in my brain and boom, suddenly I have a feeling that the idea has been with me this whole time, though it’s not yet created.”

“But speaking in a more abstract way, even eating well or loving yourself is a way to awaken


After three years in the city, Soledad has created a network of people who influence her, and who have a similar lifestyle.

“Berlin is known for its nightlife, and I would say that it’s the best place to find a good party that I have ever been to. But Sao Paulo is not far behind either.”

One of the most memorable times so far was on her birthday on the Spree.

“My friends rented a boat and made a mini party for me. With super loud music and seeing the city from the lake while I was on the boat, surrounded by people I like, was definitely very cute. Another moment I won’t forget was when I was invited to play at CTM in 2020. I felt so proud to know that people believed in me and my work, and seeing my name amongst the lineup at such a big festival was amazing.”

What many people say when moving to Berlin, is that it starts with a bit of a ‘trial and error’ especially when it comes to the group of friends you first meet. Although Slim Soledad got into her group pretty smoothly.

“I didn’t know how to communicate very well as I didn’t speak any English when I came here, so it was a bit of a process to study music and language, but as I managed to make some solid and genuine friendships I integrated pretty good I’d say. At the beginning I think it can be a bit strange for everyone who’s moving to a new city. Amazingly I was always very well received.”

Photo: Playful

Even when living in Brazil, most people consuming her music live in Europe – something that may be a reason why she felt welcomed within the scene as well.

“I've always been welcome on the scene here, I moved here as I already had a community of people who enjoyed my music. Most of them aren’t living in Brazil, but Europe and USA. I ended up meeting a lot of people that I only had contact with through Social Media before, so it all happened in a pretty organic way.”

Back in Brazil she co-founded the collective Chernobyl; the name comes from what the citizens normally name queer people.

“It’s a way of reclaiming that name. Yes, sure – we’re Chernobyl, and we’re pretty damn good.”

“We started the collective with the first intention of creating a safe space for us, LGBTQIA+, and also with the idea of making more trans people circulate at parties, and creating more safe spaces. The parties that we created ourselves were the first ones in Brazil that were created by trans people, for trans people.”

“To us it means so much more than just a party; the collective we’ve created is a space where we can fuel our creativity, create and share what we do amongst our circle of people.”



It was the first club I visited after the pandemic and I had such a great time there.


The first bar I visited when I arrived here. I love going there with my friends to have a drink and talk shit.


A collective that makes itinerary events that are just spectacular. I would keep an eye on their page if I were you.


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