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Stimulation: Upbeat, exciting, colourful and sexy

Three years in and now an established club with a steady following. Playful had a chat with Natalie Petek and Mark Elms, the duo behind one of Club Ost's flagships Stimulation.

Natalie Petek and Mark Elms. Founders of Stimulation Berlin.
Natalie Petek and Mark Elms.

Stimulation has been around for a while now and is now a main player within the k!nk/s3x positive club scene in Berlin. How’s the journey been? The journey was wild to say the least. It was always our main goals to establish a community and we were lucky to have this from early on so we just continued to build on it. We worked very hard last year to build up trust with a wider audience and establish a safe space. When we started we played mostly hard techno but as we’ve grown we’ve moved away from only hard music and now the focus is less on big names and more on the people and the energy of the party. We like it upbeat, exciting, colourful and sexy. We’re comfortable with where we are at and we think people know what to expect when thinking about Stimulation.

What does Stimulation bring to the table? I think we bring a lot of variety and freedom. We don’t class ourselves as just a fetish event so when you come here you come here and you will find a broad selection of people but all of them understand the space. It’s never boring. Of course we have the fetish people but there’s also the colourful characters who come month after month that make our event what it is. We like the idea of an extended, dysfunctional living room and our door policy reflects this. The social aspect is just as important as the music. What can we look forward to this summer? We are celebrating our 3 year anniversary and we are already heavy into planning for our big celebration in august. We can’t say too much but we prepare some special treats for our community also the club itself is going through some major changes until summer. Stay tuned.


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