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That bowl was delicious!

We took a culinary tour down to a Korean classic in Kreuzberg.

Last year, "Kimchi Princess" celebrated ten years at Skalitzer Strasse. The restaurant is one of the more well-known Korean alternatives in Berlin, but that didn't stop Playful's food reviewer from visiting.

"Kimchi Princess" is one of the few restaurants in Berlin that actually breathes metropolitan metropolis. The neon light outside illuminates the dark Kreuzberg street in pink and we are always delighted when in places that make you feel transported to a different environment.

Kimchi Princess is just such a place.

The menu offers a variety of bowls, both meaty, vegetarian and fishy. We chose the right "Hweh Deopbap" which contains (yes, this is copied from the menu) salmon sashimi on rice with rocket, lamb's lettuce & a fine chili-sesame vinaigrette.

Sounds good right? In other words, flavors are promised, and flavors are delivered! And this bowl was superbly fresh and saturating.

The staff is experienced, prompt and friendly and are happy to help with recommendations and questions. The food is so good that we wish the office was closer – although it would probably drive us to bankrupcy. Not because of expensiveness (it's cheap) but because we would eat there every day.

Kimchi Princess is one of many modern classics in Berlin that were forced to close during the Corona pandemic, so when the restaurants have now reopened - remember to support your local restaurant.


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