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We went on Sage's food safari

Being creative during quarantine is a collective matter in Berlin.

Sage didn’t wanna send their delicious food through Lieferando to people’s couches. Instead they wanted to deliver a new experience. By car, bike or walking for that matter, you can from now on eat the food and enjoy cocktails while looking at art and enjoy music and DJ’s, soon maybe even cinema.

”To deliver a holistic experience is something that has always been important for us”, Sascha Disselkamp, restaurant owner says.

The Food Safari project is designed to help people in Berlin getting back to some kind of normality. The safari is an arranged walk- and drive in, in order to keep the distance between the guests.

Meanwhile you as guests are guided through art and a market where you can shop soft drinks and cocktails, as well as food. Instead of paying at the different stations, the total bill will be payed in the ticket booth at the end, contactless.


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