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Weisse Maus: The beginning of the Golden ’20s - A mad fantasia

By: Filip Sandström Beijer

Photos: Weisse Maus

We had a chat with Billie Rae about the new immersive theater and dining experience in Berlin.

100 years have passed since the classic Kabaret in the 1920ies which means the Berliners must have learnt from their past and this time, it will get even better than it once was - this time it’s freer, open to all, gender fluid and with a greater creative twist. The Kabaret experience in Berlin pushes the boundaries of performance together with several local artists that we’ve been missing during the pandemic.

Billie Rae - tell us about it!

The name Weisse Maus is a homage to the infamous night spot of Weimar Berlin, looking back to the decadent and debauched Kabaret of the 1920s. The club was an exclusive revel for Berlin's creative elite. And with only 98 precious seats, it was a place where visitors were able to experience the beautiful, the bizarre and the Erotic performances of Berlin's underworld, delivering a stage for the likes of Anita Berber and many other wildly experimental artists of that time.

Guests were given black masks to hide their identity whilst the weird and wonderful happened around them. Our aim is to harness and recreate this energy and to explore the sinfully sumptuous world of Weisse Maus with our very own creative twist whilst respectfully celebrating the inspirational Libertines who were pushing the boundaries of performance, sexuality and gender fluidity over 100 years ago.

Who are the people behind Weisse Maus, and what did the concept grow from?

The Weisse Maus is created by myself, Billie Rae, Co-Founder of Bad Bruises and the Creator and Director of The House of Red Doors, plus my partner, Benjamin Strafe, who has been working in Berlin gastronomy and hospitality for many years, and, of course, our incredible team of artists and dreamers whom we work with here in Berlin, you will recognize many of them from previous events. We are also working with Ricarda Farnbacher, award winning caterer, to create a delicious feast for our guests.

The concept is an idea we've had for many years, to combine the indulgences of fine dining with our unique, inimitable blend of sex and theatre. Within all our careers as artists and performers we've been heavily influenced by the decadent and debauched aesthetic of Weimar Berlin. A period which still continues to influence and to inspire us even now. This event isn't a play event but we are not shying away from the more sensual content.

What will we as visitors be able to experience?

We don't want to give too much away just yet as the evening will be something that can only be truly experienced in the flesh. But needless to say, we will be bringing food, immersive theatre, choreographed performance and that very special ingredient to the table that we like to bring to all our events! This will be a truly unique experience for each individual that comes, but the key is to come... explore... and find out… it will be exciting, bizarre, beautiful and utterly, utterly delicious. A true ’smorgasbord’ for the senses!

Why does Berlin need it and who do you see as your guest?

I think now, more than ever, we need new experiences that will make us feel excited again. After such a long break from performance and after such a hugely devastating hit to our social scene and to our industry, the need for freedom within entertainment is demanded from both sides of the stage. We are all yearning to perform and create again and to share those experiences and moments with our audiences and our guests are feeling the same. After such a turbulent time of lockdowns and restrictions we all need the opportunity to rediscover our playful side. Our event is open to all with an open mind and an adventurous side, for the bold, the experimental minds of Berlin. It is strictly 18+ only due to the nature of our entertainment.

It’s described as a dining experience, tell us about the food experience!

As this is still very hush hush we can’t give too much away, we want to give our guests a surprise. But it will be truly a feast for the eyes as well as the palette. This will be an experience that very few will have ever had before, and it will be something to satiate all types of appetite and arouse all senses! Prepare to be wined, dined and thoroughly entertained.

When can we visit you and where is your building located?

The location is still kept completely secret until booking tickets. There's a choice of also choosing a nighttime cruise, which is a boat ride on the spree before finding your way to the secret location of Weisse Maus. Just remember to trust the Weisse Maus and get ready for something deliciously new.

What kind of artists and performers will we find there?

If you have ever been to one of our previous events you will certainly recognize a few of our beautiful and strange starlets, but we are very excited to be introducing some new performers and talents to the stage, perfectly complementing our eclectic mix of sensual eroticism and delivering utterly exquisite performances as part of our mad fantasia. You can find our full cast on www.weissemausberlin.de

How can I join in?

Guests can sign up to our mailing list and we will be sending our new dates out soon.Be sure to sign up to be the first in the know of where and when you’ll find us.

Can we expect a door policy? If yes, what's it going to be based on?

Absolutely! We will be inviting our guests to dress up in an outfit of the era but with their own twist. We can't wait to see everyone’s decadent and experimental costumes as it’s been such a long time since we have had the pleasure of dressing up together. Guests can find costume inspiration on our website or here we have a mood board here.

We ask guests to be bold, be wild, be whoever you want to be. And of course, like with all our events, to have an open mind, a kind heart and always respect everyone around you. These events feed off the energy from both sides of the stage and this time the dinner table! So, we encourage all to come and let loose, feel free and lose themselves for the night. After the last year, I think we all deserve it. Don't you?


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