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BASHKKA interview: Not just a hype

BASHKKA - Photo by Julius Ertelt

BASHKKA is known from her hometown residency at Muich’s Blitz Club and delivers her sassy and unapologetic energy and technical prowess that makes it hard to forget her. Now releasing her solo debut EP Maktub that blends uptempo dance floor music with Kurdish vocal samples, alongside a Chicago-influenced bounce house piece featuring BASHKKA’s own vocals.

If you would describe your personality using 3 words, what would they be?

New. York. City.

Now you’re releasing your first solo EP through Nene H’s new and non profit label UMAY, which is a Chicago-influenced bounce house piece with your own Kurdish vocals - can you tell us about the inspiration and energy behind it?

The inspiration behind it was a dear friend of mine in Copenhagen and his unapologetic and passionate way for his heritage and culture. As a marginalized individual I am drawn to this organically and I am always going to stand with the underrepresented.

You’re born and based in Munich - if you would compare Munich and Berlin, how would you say the two cities' rave scene differ?

Contrary to popular belief, Munich has a flourishing local subculture and in my opinion, enormous potential to be a scene that you would easily find in bigger metropolitan cities. Berlin which I equally love, has just more international influence and therefore of course a lot more stuff is happening. However, I am not a fan of comparisons. Just like every person, every Artist and every City and it’s Scene there is a uniqueness about it.

You’re also a resident at the hyped Blitz Music Club - what has that place meant to you over the years?

That’s family. They recognise and respect the importance of my existence in this Scene and let me totally fly, artistically. Also, they have the best Sound System in the world.

What’s something you’d like to change in the rave scene if you could?

Colonialism in Electronic and Dance Music. We “wouldn’t” like to change it. We ARE.

What are some goals you’re wishing to manifest in 2023?

To be in my best mental and physical health and just do what I love to do. Make and play music and be a vibe.

Have you had any leading words that have somehow followed you along your journey up until this day?

Don’t ride the Hype. Ride the Wave.

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