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Brutalismus 3000 interview: Creating music that hasn't yet been discovered

Playful meets with Theo and Victoria – the Brutalismus 3000 duo.

In this week’s episode of Playful podcast we get to know Brutalismus 3000 and not only play some games, like always in the podcast, of "This or That", and "Who’s Most Likely To..." but also dig deeper and speak about their musical journey that blew up during the pandemic, what influences them musically, their different personalities, superstitious habits and much more.

Push play on Spotify, YouTube or any of the Podcast Apps and join in. In the extra material we get to know more about the strategies that made them successful, according to themselves, what roles they take on–, who they are–, and how they work in the studio, and much more.

Go push play and enjoy!


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