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DASCO “Don’t tell me that bisexuality is only a phase"

DASCO. Photo: Yuval Weitzen

DASCO celebrates her femininity with the acid-infused new EP and acts as a reminder for people the world over to “stay confident, focused and remember that everything is possible and to never give up”

Please tell us about your forthcoming EP ‘Powerful Woman’ - what’s the energy behind it?

Powerful Woman, which is out on Shall Not Fade Records, is about female empowerment. It acts as a reminder to myself, as well as to others, that we are much more stronger than we think. When we deal with challenging situations, it’s important that we stay confident and calm. We shouldn’t let things affect us too much, so we can keep moving forward. In my track Powerful Woman, you can hear me saying the words “powerful”, “strong”. It’s like a mantra, I repeat those words several times until it enters my consciousness and makes me feel more confident and in control.

As a female music producer in a male-dominated industry, I’ve seen and felt the challenges and discrimination that women often contend with. In this track, I talk about female power to other women from all around the world. It’s important to me to inspire other women through my music and show them that they shouldn’t be afraid to keep doing their thing and follow their dreams despite gender/ sexual discrimination.

I’d like to encourage others to never be afraid to show or express themselves to the world in their own unique and authentic way. I’d like those women to be proud of who they are, to be proud of their femininity, their strength and independence.

What’s the core energy in releases from you label Bisexuality Exists?

Happy, uplifting music for the dancefloor. Music which will move you and make you want to dance!

Even the name is a statement, how did you decide on it, and why is it also an important statement?

As a bisexual, it is important to me to normalize bisexuality/ bisexual visibility in the public space and to campaign against biphobia and bi-erasure. It is important to me to represent the bisexual community with pride and with the respect it deserves. Don’t tell me that it is only a phase, or that I need to choose a side. Bisexuality does exist, it is a real thing.

I would like to encourage people through my music to open their minds and hearts and make them realize that life is not only black or white, but there are so many wonderful colours and shades in between!

Also, I’d like to inspire those who are in the closet or in some distress due to their sexual orientation/ gender identity and let them know that they can make their dreams come true if they will stay strong, keep believing in themselves and don‘t give up.

The Powerful Woman EP also acts as a reminder of that anything is possible and to never give up, what has given you energy to keep on going after your dreams and goals?

The love and support of the people who listen and dance to my music means the world to me. It proves to me that I’m doing something right and makes me keep on going in that direction.

Another thing that helps me to keep on going, is to be very aware of my body and how I treat it. I see a very strong connection between what I put inside my body and how I feel, not only physically but also mentally. Taking good care of my body by eating healthy plant based food, working out and so on, helps me become more calm, confident and strong. It helps bringing me closer to my goals.

In general, I’m a very ambitious person. I always push myself to be better both in my personal and professional life. I’ve a strong drive to always move forward, always be on the move, between gigs, between countries, all this inspires me. I’m inspired by changes, new places and new people and I always search for new sounds and new adventures. To always to see the glass as half full. Even in difficult times, I search for the source of light from which I can keep moving forward. I strongly believe in karma - what you give is what you get in return...

What are some situations you’ve been through where you feel you haven’t been taken seriously?

Recently, Beatport posted a clip of me on Facebook, playing at Polifonic Festival. I was full of energy- playing, dancing and smiling. I really felt the music and was totally into it. For me, dancing is a great workout and a dopamine release . I see it this way - if I’m happy, the crowd is happy too. Here were some of the comments on the Facebook clip they posted.

…Great, another girl dj. Just what we need.

…I don't know y a mass majority of female DJs spend more time dancing than DJing...

….another sync button clown.

Unfortunately, misogyny exists. We live in a sexist society full of gender stereotypes that says that a woman should be hidden. Not allowed to smile, dance, celebrate her femininity.

Now, I don't take any of those comments seriously and to be honest, I found some of the comments quite entertaining and had a very good laugh. We have a queer slang in Hebrew: “kohev hakus” (which is also my secret DJ alias... oh well, now I guess not that secret anymore...) The translation from Hebrew of “kohev hakus” is “my vagina hurts” which basically means - I don’t give a damn.

After a festival in 2021, straight after my set, the organiser touched me and shamelessly asked to join him to his hotel room. I froze, then politely refused his offer.

In retrospect, I should have called him out for his rude and inappropriate behaviour. If you’re reading this interview now and have been sexually harassed, this is not your fault. Don't feel guilty or ashamed and don't be afraid to talk about it or report it to the right people.

How do you feel we can create a change?

We can try to be more sensitive with one another, try to be polite and kind to each other as much as possible. To think not only about ourselves, but about other people around us. To treat people with more respect. Respect their body and their private space.

I mightn’t be able to change world, but I won’t cooperate with the dictates of society. I’ll fight to make my voice heard, continue to do things my way and spread positive messages. Maybe by doing so, I‘ll inspire others to behave in a similar way.

What’s your hopes and dreams for the future?

To stay creative and passionate about music and to stay inspired. I’d love to play in front of a crowd of 20,000+ people and to play and sing live.

I hope to keep uplifting others through my music, spread my positive energies and send much light, love, peace, unity and equality to the world.


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