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Clara Cuvé interview: Heaven is a dancefloor full off cigarettes

When growing up, it was all about the piano for Clara Cuvé. She started her techno journey with a fake ID as a young teen and after a rough experience with the police, her clubbing success rate has been 100 percent.

By: Filip Sandström Beijer

Photos by: Shanélle de Melo

Clara Cuvé at Sameheads Berlin

Today she’s one of the most hyped names on the techno scene and the previous notorious cigarette smoker reveals that she’s started smoking again.

What's your first memory from visiting Berlin?

"I can’t remember the exact first time. I was always going to Berlin with my friends on the weekends, mostly for partying because there was nothing comparable in Munich that time."

How would you describe the difference between your hometown Munich and


"There is a lot. But for me the most significant difference are the people. I remember my first times in Berlin and the people I got to know there, and I immediately knew I had to leave Munich and move to Berlin."

You started playing piano as a 4-year-old. How come? And when did you get introduced to

to techno?

"My parents always wanted me and my siblings to play an instrument. In the end it was up to us what Instrument we wanted to play but when I first started playing the piano I got stuck, and today there’s still no other instrument where I feel what I feel when playing the piano.

It’s a state of inner peace for me. I started listening to techno in my early teenage years through some friends of mine who did nothing else then spinning records all day long and then so did I."

Clara Cuvé at Sameheads Berlin

Have you always believed in yourself as a musician? What made you

continue to create music and believe in your path?

"I definitely had hard times believing in myself and a lot of doubts. But I think this often happens when you are an artist as I also heard it from a lot of friends, who felt the same, especially in the beginning. But it also helps you growing with yourself and as an artist and makes you stick to your goals even more. Because in the end it always was and is about the music. When you just keep focusing on your passion you will find your way."

You started to go to clubs when you were 14 with your fake ID, how was your success rate?

"The first time it didn’t work out and I got brought out from the club by the police and even got a lawsuit because of this. But I learned from it, and after that my success rate was a proper 100 percent. I definitely was quite a rebellious teenager and drawn to the nightlife early. Sorry to my parents who had to endure me back then."

"Later I also started working in a club at the wardrobe which gave me access to my, at that time, favorite club in Munich and I was finally able to listen to the DJs playing there. I guess that’s also where it all started for me as I started playing records around that time."

When you’re not listening to electronic music, what artists do you prefer?

"There are a lot of genres and artists I am into, but it mostly has to do with electronic music though. I also listen to Hip Hop, Grime and in general Rap music a lot but I also love to start the day with classical music. Actually, the first thing I do in the morning is playing the piano. Some artists which are on my playlist at the moment are: Ashnikko, Martin Kohlstedt, Ivorian Doll."

What does the phrase "Dancefloor Killer" come from and symbolize to you?

"A friend of mine, a graphic designer from Italy invented that phrase, he also did the layout from my latest merch drop. It comes from “smoking kills” which you can always see on cigarette packages, as I used to smoke a lot and people made fun of it and started throwing cigarettes over the dancefloor to me while I was DJing."

Clara Cuvé at Sameheads Berlin

Which is your favorite club to play at in Berlin? And why?

"I really like Ohm, because its more intimate and the booth is the same height as the dancefloor and you kind of forget your DJing and feel like you are in the crowd. I also always loved to play at the old Griessmühle, every time was special for me due to the vibes there and the amazing crowd. I also love the new place, Revier Südost. But I don’t really have a favorite though, for me it is always special to play in Berlin, especially when you are surrounded by your friends."

When you’ve got friends visiting, what do you always show/

take them in Berlin?

"I take them to my favorite bar, Eigengrau Bar, and get them my favorite drink, Whiskey Sour."

What's your best memory from a gig in Berlin?

"There are many great memories. But one of my highlights definitely was my last gig in Berlin before Corona. It was Hyperaktivist’s Mess party at Ohm and I remember I played the closing and a lot of my friends were there, and the vibe was just amazing from beginning to the end and I was just feeling myself and everyone else did too. I really miss nights like that."

Last, do you wanna tell us something that not a lot of people know about


"I started smoking again."

What’s in Clara’s speakers?

Ashnikko, Martin Kohlstedt, Ivorian Doll.



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