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Fjaak interview: Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars

By: Amanda Sandström Beijer

Photos: Shanélle de Melo

Fjaak at Factory Berlin

Humbleness, a good laugh and a joint may be the recipe for success, at least for the DJ duo Fjaak who are letting you know that if you keep doing you and stay focused, nothing will stop you.

Meeting with Felix and Aaron is as energizing and fun as their sets. Although their personalities are quite the opposite of one another, none of them stresses the presence. Instead, it comes natural to them to have as fun as possible all the time. It’s obvious from the start that they do everything with 100 percent involvement, and it’s not hard to see why they are a continuously growing hype that never bursts.

The duo has a busy schedule, as they are producing more music now than ever before. This includes collaborations with Honey Dijon as well as Miss Kittin. As we’re walking around the space of The Factory building, their minds are definitely not shut down, quite the opposite, and serious topics alternate with jokes and funny stories.

Fjaak at Factory Berlin

How would you describe each other?

Aaron: Felix is a very energetic, talkative and euphoric guy who has a huge passion for music, plants & nature. He’s a herd animal, doesn't really like to be alone, always loves to have someone around, as long as the situation allows it.

Felix: Aaron is a very sensitive music addict, looking for harmony and fairness in everything he approaches in this world. He can be very quiet when he wants to be but is also able to channel his inner party animal at the rave.

What was your biggest struggles as DJ’s before being able to live on your music?

In the very beginning it’s hard to get recognized as an artist and also to envision yourself as an artist. You might have people around you - including your friends and family - telling you that you are wasting your time and you might even question your own way of life. And often it may appear to be even worse than what people told you. But in the end if you give your best and believe in it you will succeed at some point because passion is not for sale. Hold on to your dreams and passions and never let them down. Because if you let them go, you might regret it for the rest of your life.

What are your most favored features of Berlin’s culture scene. Is low culture the new high culture?

All culture is high culture. We appreciate everything from Hamburger Bahnhof to a one-man-band playing guitar and singing at Warschauer Strasse.

If you’d need to have alternative jobs, what would they be?

Aaron: Felix would be a dispensary x music store owner in California.

Felix: Aaron would run a surf shop in Santa Cruz.

What’s the best thing to do in the spring in Berlin?

The spring is probably the nicest time of the year; it’s the moment when the mood suddenly changes from everybody being depressed- and the world looking all grey, to people getting big smiles and being happy about simple things like the sun and the first hang outs in the parks. Especially since there’s been so many isolated days recently.

We can’t wait to meet a lot of friends outside in a chilled environment. Everybody will be in the parks or by the canals enjoying life.

You are fighting the battle to legalize weed, why is that important to you?

The same reason why more and more countries legalize it:

Two main reasons are criminals making billions off selling weed which is mostly made in really bad- and dangerous quality. It’s harming the health of the consumers because it’s not controlled by anybody.

People get criminalized for a plant which is proven to be less dangerous and addictive than tobacco, alcohol or even coffee. In some Countries weed gets grown and sold by professionals and big brands while at the same time, it’s being handled like real medicine. And for sure there will never be a day when cigarettes or vodka would get sold to you by a doctor as a medicine, and that’s for good reason.

If you have to place these things in order of importance - which order would it be? Music, each other, family and weed.


Each other



We just noticed that it’s also the chronological order of when we get to know these things.

Fjaak at Factory Berlin

If not working, where will we find you in Berlin?

Rarely outside the studio during these days. Basically, in there 24/7 to be honest.

But if not, hopefully in a park or with our friends and family, enjoying life as much as possible.