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Photographer Emily Dodd-Noble captures subcultures and night owls of Berlin

All photos by: Emily Dodd-Noble


Photographer Emily Dodd-Noble found her biggest challenge thus far and also her biggest inspiration in Berlin. Inspired by the energy, the stories, the vulnerability, the confidence, the fragility, the constant rhythm and boom of the city.

Where are you from and how come you moved to Berlin?

I was born and grew up in Oxfordshire, rural England. I moved to Berlin primarily for an adventure and to be voluntarily, comfortably uncomfortable. I moved in December 2020, lockdown, without knowing a single person. Honestly, the UK had a seriously low and depressive energy during Covid, so I was eager to make something out of a bad situation. Having had to move back into my family home from university, I felt I was regressing and wasting time which was immensely frustrating. Internally I felt full of creative potential and energy however I was so unstimulated by life in the UK, that my boyfriend and I decided to move to Berlin. My mentality was to make something from nothing, to choose to keep growing despite my growth being stunted by the world’s turbulent situation surrounding me. I knew there was energy in Berlin, a whole city to explore despite everyth