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Top 10 Berlin Summer hot spots

Berlin in the Summer is nothing like the winter months, and for newcomers to the city, first-timers or long-time returners, we would like to introduce, or remind you of some of the city’s greatest spots.

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Flohmarkt - Rathaus Schöneberg

Berlin has several Flohmarkts, and many of them are good. Although this one may be the most underrated. Go there, buy a take-away coffee, and start digging - you’re on a treasure hunt!

Fetich and rave clothes for the weekend

There are a few stores that have niched down on fetish and rave clothes, and one of them is The Code who works with small independent and local designers. Are you preparing for a night out in Berlin? Get your club outfit at The Code and dive into the night. Maybe to Kitkat, that is just around the corner.

FKK lakes - Teufelssee

When in Germany one must enjoy the freedom of FKK. Families, friends, and lovers hang out by the lakes together. Listen to music, swim, play games and eat. The only problem is that they tend to be located a bit outside the city, until felyx introduced their ’Day Pass’*. We recommend Teufelssee, but watch out for the pigs!

Entertainment, burlesque, and performance

Berlin is known as the city of Burlesque and if you haven’t yet experienced Zum Starken August and Tipsy Bear, you should. Take the e-moped to Prenzlauer Berg, park it, and you find these two top locations basically facing each other on the same street.

Sunset watching at Tempelhofer Feldt

Do we need to say more?

Karaoke in Mauerpark on Sundays

Karaoke at the Amphitheater in Mauerpark is a very folksy, warm, and polar activity that brings young and old together for a sing along. It’s a very supporting crowd, so if you’ve got it in you, jump up the stage!

Record shopping – Hardwax

Techno music at its finest is to be found in the legendary record shop Hardwax, that’s been around since 1989. Local and world-famous DJs like Marcel Dettmann and Hector Oaks have both been working here before they pursued their careers.

Bar and House Club – Sameheads

This lovely bar and club combined, is something special and shines bright on many levels. Owner Nathan is passionate about house music and art which you can see and feel as soon as you enter. The dance floor, located in the basement, is one of the most intimate ones in Berlin.

Turkish Market

If you’re in Berlin, you can’t miss out on the Turkish food. Go discover the Turkish market in Neuköln or head to Azzam to enjoy the tastes of quality food. We love the smell of a Turkish grill in the summer.

Local brewery – Neulich

Berlin is a city where you often find independent and small businesses doing a better job than the big ones, and that’s what makes the city so authentic. Neulich is proof of that, and we recommend you to pass by their bar in Neukölln, or to just get their beer from a local Späti and bring it to a park. Enjoy!


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