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Ellen Allien is turning RSO into her playground

By: Filip Sandström Beijer

Ellen Allien photo by Letizia Guel
Ellen Allien. Photo: Letizia Guel

With the returning party "We Are Not Alone" she's creating 30 hour (and even longer to come) lineups with techno DJs from different generations.

Ellen Allien is the woman behind We Are Not Alone, a party that has been a staple of Berlin's techno scene since 2015. The event is known for its diverse lineup and open-minded program, and it has evolved over the years to become a must-attend party for techno lovers.

When asked about what inspired her to create We Are Not Alone, the answer is easy.

"To share techno journeys together with dope lineups and an open-minded program."

This statement reflects the spirit of the party, which aims to bring together people who share a passion for techno music.

Ellen Allien curates the lineup for We Are Not Alone by selecting the best techno DJs from all generations to create a colorful night. Nowadays the event takes place at Revier Sudost, a larger venue than the previous location at Griessmuehle. Even though we all know that Griessmuehle was a special place for Ellen, she's satisfied with her new location.

"RSO is a bigger venue and I love the location a lot! The soundsystem is also much better and playing louder at the open air floor is now possible. RSO is an outstanding location in Berlin."

The party is a place where people can dance, communicate, kiss, and smoke joints, according to the icon herself, and as frequent visitors we agree on her description.

On the 11th of March We Are Not Alone is back with a 30-hour line up on two floors with a very eclectic techno vibe.


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