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Klub Verboten: Sex Club Owner about the perverted fetish parties

In this podcast episode we meet the founder behind Klub Verboten to hear why Karl decided to start a s3x club together with his partner, how the journey has looked like until today, how they come up with the k1nky toys they create for each party - and some new innovations… as well as the right to have s3x in public, what they learnt along the way and people who try to over and over take them down - yet, without luck as the hunger and need for play parties obviously is as strong as the support that carries them forth.

In the extra material we dig deeper, and get more explicit. The extra material is only available on Patreon. Become one, support what we do and get all the juicy extras each and every week.

Available on your Apple podcast apps, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube etc.


Playful Podcast is recorded at Factory Berlin and covers underground culture, kink and electronic music.


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